eGift Cards

Several updates:

  • Updating styling of header and button
  • Adding gift variable support to receipt email
  • Added new giftpurchaseremail variable
  • Credit Title will now have gift email in it (instead of just name)
  • Using Autopay to purchase an eGift card now has a "Click to Agree" checkbox disclosure
  • Gift Message now has a character counter for the 250 character limit


Blocking multiple clicks of submit button.

eGift Cards

Allowing minimum multiplier of 0.

eGift Cards

Added ability for customers to purchase eGift Cards/Gift Certificates in Parent Portal. See for more information.

Makeup Tokens:

Updated enrollment location emails to include requests when setting enabled.

Class Cancellations

Adding ability for generated tokens to "never expire"


Fixing issue with editing staff member details.


Fix for "updated_at" timestamp tracking.

Time Clock

Fix for issues with exporting Time Clock entries.

News & Announcements

Added the ability to embed video links in news articles. Please see for more details.