Parent Portal Settings

Added a new "Show Classes and Allow Parents to Register for Them" setting that allows the CLASSES menu option to be completely hidden on the Parent Portal. For more information about Parent Portal settings, see

Staff Portal

Student Keywords are now displayed when viewing Student Details.


Added an indicator on the FAMILIES page to reflect which phone numbers have opted-in to receive SMS/text messages.

Parent Portal

Edited verbiage in the electronic signature section of family/student policy acceptance for additional clarification.

Families with Unapplied Credit Balances report

Report was optimized to improve report generation speed.

Customer Portal App

Better handling of rolling sessions when creating a new enrollment.

Level Summary Report

Adjustment for calculating waitlist enrollment numbers.


Added tracking for which staff member created an enrollment.


Allowing waitlist enrollments to overlap trial/makeup enrollments. This means a student can be on a waitlist for a class and still enroll for a single-day makeup or trial enrollment. For more information about Wait List enrollments, see

Parent Portal/Customer Portal App

Fix for issues when enrolling in a one-day session from the Parent Portal and Customer Portal App.