Check-In Kiosk

New "Show Room/Lane" setting. Toggling the option enables/disables the room assigned to a class or event from showing on the Check-In Kiosk screen.


Better handling of long text in notes (improved "word wrap" functionality).

Preset Filters

If you frequently use the same filters to view specific pages, iClassPro now has the ability to save them as a Preset Filter! See for more information.

Family Details - Email

Adjusting quick help details to better explain the concept of the primary email.


Better handling of class schedule display.

Canceled classes

Now sending notification emails as transactional so parents will receive the email regardless of Email Blast opt-in/opt-out status.

Staff Portal

Fix for skills issue from camps page.

Skills Media

Linking broken help icon to Knowledge Base article.

Staff Portal

Fix for issues when clicking on class/camp attendance and student image uploads.

Student Attendance Report

Removing an extra, unneeded filter