Skill Tracking: Student Age and Gender

We are now displaying a student's age and gender in more places throughout the attendance and skill tracking modules.

Faster Skill Trees

We have made some more improvements to skill trees to make them faster to load.

Update to Skill Tracking in Parent Portal

We have added a new setting in Parent Portal -> General Settings -> Show Only Evaluated Skills In Parent Portal.

If you enable this option, then parents will only see portions of the student's skill tree that already have been evaluated. If you do not enable this option, parents will be able to see all of the skills related to that student (both evaluated and not evaluated).

Resolved Issue with Filters

We have resolved an issue that was affecting the levels and rooms filters.

Redesigned Statement Reports

We just rolled out a new version of the Statement Report with a freshened up look!

Programs: Updates to Deleting a Program

When deleting a program, you'll need to first re-assign any classes, active or future camps, parties, or parent portal settings using this program. If anything needs to be changed, the system will alert you to what needs to be updated when you attempt to delete the program.

Updated Pinstripe on Student Evalutions

The pinstripe for student evaluations now uses the same color theme you have selected for the parent portal.

View Skill Evaluations in the Parent Portal!

Parents can now view skill evaluations in the Parent Portal! We are excited to share that the latest phase of our Skill Tracking beta includes the ability for parents to view skill evaluations in the Parent Portal.

Media Manager Changes

Beautified the media manager for skills and added option to show media to customers. This option will be implemented when adding skills to the parent portal in future updates.

Speed Enhancements

Enrollment queries have had a makeover and will deliver faster results.

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