Waitlist Enrollments


Resolved an unique issue preventing wait-list enrollments into classes with pending requests.

Class & Student Templates


Completed major speed enhancements when updated class and student templates.

Terms & Conditions Confirmation


Added additional terms and conditions confirmation notification to payment screens in the parent portal. This extra measure could help win chargeback cases. A screenshot of this confirmation notification on the checkout page will provide additional evidence that the cardholder authorized a payment.

Miscellaneous Improvements


Resolved an issue that allowed the saving of empty camp questions.

The delete button for programs is now red.

Added a confirmation dialog for the deletion of programs.

Camp Enrollment Display


Identified and resolved an issue causing inactive staff members to be listed as instructors during unique circumstances.

Session Transfers


Resolved an issue preventing enrollment transfers from session based classes.

Camp Report Changes


Changed the camp report abbreviations from CMP to CAM.

Camp - 7 Report now includes the ability to display the email on file.

Camp - 7 Report Enhancements


This report now has the additional display options of DOB, Guardian, Phone, Address and Camp Questions.

Modifying Camp Enrollments


Resolved a rare occurrence causing tax to be calculated incorrectly when modifying a camp enrollment.

Quick Help Dialogs


Updated several quick help dialogs.

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