Policy Updates

We’ve updated our policy management to clarify policies and enhance security. These updates will give you and your customers more control over policies and agreements. Learn more here: https://www.iclasspro.com/blog-article/news/introducing-new-student-policies

Parent Portal Account Creation

We have updated the Parent Portal account creation process. We have added email verification and clarified marketing email opt-in. For more information, visit https://www.iclasspro.com/blog-article/news/secure-signup

Parent Portal: Faster Class Searching

We've added some speed improvements for searching classes on the parent portal. This will be especially helpful to your parents if you have a large number of classes.

Skill Tracking: Pagination for Skills

We've added pagination to skills on the Skill Tracking Settings page to make it easier for you to navigate your list of skills.

New Permission: Audit Log

As requested, we have added a new permission for controlling access to the audit logs page.

Enhanced Audit Log

Our new enhanced audit log is not only faster, but also allows you to more specifically search for the logs you are wanting to find.

See more details at this blog post: https://www.iclasspro.com/blog-article/news/iclasspros-audit-log

Skill Tracking: Skill Progress Emails for Parents

We've added a new Skills Log and from there you are now able to notify your parents with beautiful emails and reward students with certificates.

You can find more details here: https://www.iclasspro.com/skills-announcement

Skill Report: Blank Student Evaluation

We've added the ability for you to generate a "blank evaluation form" that you can print out and hand to your instructors if you prefer to use paper and clipboard when evaluating students.

Reports: Class Retention Summary

You can now generate a report of monthly student retention within a class.

Branded Email Addresses

We are now using your account name in the "from" email when sending emails to customers. All transactional emails will be sent from accountname@ses.iclasspro.com and any bulk/marketing emails will be sent from accountname-notifications@ses.iclasspro.com.

You can read a blog article with more details here: https://www.iclasspro.com/blog-article/changes-to-e-mail-correspondence

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